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Just as every person and every marriage is unique, each divorce case presents its own specific set of needs and challenges. The decision to pursue a divorce is often difficult, and the details that must be sorted out are typically very personal. For some, a divorce represents an exciting opportunity for a fresh start, while to others a divorce can be scary and overwhelming. For everyone, it means the start of a new chapter and new possibilities. To get there, however, individuals must navigate the complex legal system.

Whether you are just considering starting the divorce process or your current divorce negotiations have hit a rough spot, the Law Office of Alanna Williams may be able to help. From our Fairfax office, we represent Virginians who want to efficiently and effectively end their marriage and move forward with their lives. We understand what a trying time this can be, and Alanna makes it a priority to offer every client both personal compassion and legal tenacity. If you are ready to take that first step or make a necessary change, call our office today at (703) 273-1000 or take a moment to fill out our online contact form. You’ll speak with a member of our team who can answer your questions and help you decide how to best move forward.

Understanding Grounds for Divorce in Virginia

Over 25,000 divorces are granted every year in the state of Virginia for a wide variety of reasons. For some, the cause of divorce is contentious, while other couples have a much more diplomatic approach. Regardless, individuals can choose to file for one of two types of divorce:

  • Fault. In these cases, one spouse must show that the other spouse has acted in such a way as to permanently damage the marriage. Reasons can include adultery, cruelty, conviction of a felony, and abandonment.
  • No-fault. If the couple has separated and lived apart for one year (or six months if there are no children and the parties have a written property settlement agreement) without interruption, they may be able to obtain a no-fault divorce. The spouse who files for divorce in these cases do not have to prove that the other spouse did something wrong.

Every divorce situation is different, and the specific details of each marriage arrangement can dictate which route is the best to take. An experienced attorney can help you examine your case and determine how best to approach your divorce.

Do I Need an Attorney for my Virginia Divorce?

Virginia law does not require those who wish to divorce to retain the services of a lawyer, but the state bar association acknowledges that the emotional element involved in a divorce can make it very difficult for most couples to sort out their divorce issues on their own. A skilled and experienced attorney can help couples understand their rights fully and make sure they fulfill all their obligations to expedite a successful divorce.
Divorce is perhaps the most personal of all legal issues, and for many couples involves a number of complicating factors which an attorney can help address. It can be necessary to make a case to protect your interests that have resulted from your years of marriage, including child custody, support, businesses and investments, and asset distribution. A skilled attorney can help individuals:

  • File divorce papers.
  • Serve spouse with divorce papers.
  • Appear at hearings.
  • Negotiate divorce arrangements and settlements.
  • Finalize divorce.

It is not uncommon for spouses to disagree about the many complex decisions that must be made when it comes to separating their lives after many years and ventures together. When this happens, there is a legal process to follow to reach a final decision. For some, this leads all the way to court. However, Alanna Williams and her team can help couples through mediation or arbitration to possibly avoid litigation. Seeking legal guidance and representation early in the process can help reduce the need for costly and time consuming litigation.

Contact Our Fairfax Divorce Attorney Today to Protect Your Future

Whether you are approaching a divorce with trepidation or excitement, it can be a trying and complicated time. Additionally, the decisions you make today may affect your life and the lives of those you love for many years into the future. It is important to fully understand your rights and legal options when it comes to divorce in Virginia. At the Law Office of Alanna Williams, we understand what a crucial moment in time this can be, and we approach every case with a personalized touch.

Divorce cases are intensely personal. This is your case, and Alanna wants to be your partner in finding an efficient and effective resolution that meets your unique goals. Life after divorce can be successful, secure, and happy. To get started on that new chapter, call our Fairfax office today at (703) 273-1000 or take a moment to fill out our online contact form. You’ll speak with a member of our legal team who can provide the assistance and guidance you need right now.