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Wise, kind and principled

After meeting with several attorneys to represent me in my divorce, I knew immediately that Alanna and I would work well together. I was up against an individual who was not kind, nor rational, and my children stood in the middle. While Alanna was gentle with me as I went through some very emotionally difficult times, her unwavering conviction to represent truth served as a great reminder to myself that confidence goes a long way, especially when you have truth on your side. Alanna is professional, quick to respond and articulate. The way she handled communications with opposing counsel kept our case out of trial and put out the fires the other side repeatedly attempted to start. She was reassuring and calming. I will continue to seek legal advice from Alanna when necessary in the future. Highly, highly recommended.

Julia M.

Incredible Support

Ms. Alanna Williams is an incredible lawyer. I recently went through a divorce from a 29 year marriage and Ms. Williams was a true professional with everything that she did for me. Her knowledge about the law was on-point and she was able to guide me and cover everything I needed for my family and my financial portfolio. She was extremely responsive and answered any questions that I had, and there were many! She truly cared about my situation and made sure that I was informed and made the best decisions for my future. I would recommend Ms. Alanna Williams because she will be a tremendous asset with any legal issues you might have!

Patricia T.

Phenomenal Representation!

Alanna Williams is simply the best attorney anyone could have representing them - period. She has sunglehandedly saved me and my family unneeded worry, enormous amounts of money, and a superb trial attorney and negotiator. I can proudly say I was her 1st client 17 years ago and we've continued to use her in many family matters up until a few months ago. My wife and I could write a book on how good she is, but two things I'll share. 1) you will not find a better attorney that has little to no ego and is an "active listener" to what you want to do. She will give you tough love answers though. 2) I watched her handwrite a two page agreement outside a courtroom on the spot and have both parties sign - this document was filed that day at Fairfax County Courthouse. She said "no time for folks to change minds, so let's get it done." I was the one being represented and saved me a fortune in the long run. Frankly speaking, the only reason we gave the last firm she worked with any business was because of her. Not being critical, but she is that good of a person and attorney!

Marty H.

My trusted source for legal advice.

To have Alanna represent me in a case pertaining to my two children was not only the best money spent but a true blessing because she helped me state my case and help win the outcome that served the best interest of my children. I hope I won't be needing her services again but if that ever becomes a necessity in the future Alanna is whom I will call.

Harold G.

A Court Room Barracuda

I can't say enough about Williams! She is no nonsense and truly takes care of her clients! She allows you to have the emotions needed in preparing your case. But SHE is definitely your business side. She educates you thoroughly on the court process and manages your expectations! If you're looking to go up against someone who intimidates you--no matter the gender--SHE IS YOUR ATTORNEY! Well respected by her peers too when I did my homework. She's a force to be reckoned with and someone you can rely on if questions arise for years to come. She did such a great job for my children and me that I have had several calls from friends and colleagues asking who I used--they wanted HER specifically. They hired Ms. Williams and were overwhelmingly pleased!!!


Excellent Council

Alanna assisted me not once, but twice now with divorce matters. She provides excellent council and is extremely knowledge and professional, while also being sympathetic to the situation. I trust her and highly recommend her services.