What are nonmonetary contributions?

PictureVirginia Code §10-107.3(E) mandates the Court to consider both monetary and nonmonetary contributions when dividing the parties marital assets and debts. The following is a list of some of the nonmonetary contributions you may have made during the marriage:




Grocery shopping Getting up in the middle of the night Entertain colleagues
Cooking nutritional meals Changing their diapers Prepare breakfast
Setting the dinner table,  serving dinner and cleaning the table after dinner Bathing them Hosting family get-togethers
Cleaning dishes Brushing their teeth Taking care of the house
Laundry for the family Read them books Encouraging him/her
Decorating for the holidays Purchase and play educational toys with them Purchase presents
Shopping and cooking special meals for the holidays Plan play dates Give him/her massages when tensed
Hosting family parties Plan and schedule extracurricular activities Schedule his/her doctor appointments
Organizing BBQ’s and other get-togethers with friends and neighbors Attend extracurricular activities  
Paying all the bills on time Help with homework and school projects  
Preparing the family budget Make children breakfast and pack them lunches  
Planning vacations for the family Plan weekend activities  
Gardening and yard work Buy clothes and their everyday needs  
Scheduling repair workers Schedule and take them to all their doctor appointments  
Maintaining the vehicles